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What Is Good e-Learning?

To introduce e-learning are used informatic systems, the communication and media networks.
Transfer of skills and knowledge specific e-learning is possible, mainly using computer and networks. E-learning using electronic applications and processing in order to learn. Learning and e-learning applications are based on Web technology, which is computer based, virtual classroom and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet site, audio tape or video, satellite TV and CD-ROM. E-learning applications are led by an instructor and typically include text, images, animation, video and audio.

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Web Technologies And Databases

The database means a collection of many types of occurrences of logical records containing relationships between records and data elementary aggregates. Management System database (DBMS) – a set of programs for creating and operation of a database. Theoretically, any relational DBMS can be used to store data needed by a Web server. Basically, it was observed that the simple DBMS such as Fox Pro or Access is not suitable for Web sites that are used intensively. For large-scale Web applications need high performance DBMS’s able to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is used to create hypertext documents for web pages. The purpose of HTML is rather the presentation of information – paragraphs, fonts, tables, than semantics description document.

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