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Improving The Decisional Process By Using UML Diagrams

In the last years, the world has moved from predominantly industrial society to information society, governed by a new set of rules, which allows access to digital technologies, processing, storage and transmission of information. Organizations include in their decisional process Business Intelligence components, which help the decision-makers to establish the conditions of financial equilibrium, to highlight weaknesses and strengths, to make predictions. Particularly, Unified Modelling Language (UML), as a formal and standardized language, allows the control of the system’s complexity, shows different but complementary views of the organization and ensures independence towards the implementation language and the domain of application.

This article aims to show the way UML diagrams are used as support in a decisional process for a hotel company. UML diagrams designed help decision- makers to analysis and discover the causes, to design and simulation of possible scenarios, to implement and measuring the results.

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Posted in Information Technology, Volume II, Issue no. 3