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Using Social Network Analysis to Analyze Collaboration in Batik SMEs

As a creative industry, batik industry should always create a breakthrough in the form of innovative batik motifs to attract buyers. Manufacturers of batik in Indonesia are batik SMEs with very simple organization and management. However, they are in a competitive business environment that threatens their survival.
In order to continue to create innovative products, collaboration of employees in batik SMEs is absolute important. Collaboration between individuals is more likely to occur in the patterns of informal relationships rather than in formal ways.

This article examines and analyses the patterns of informal relations in Winda Sari batik. Winda Sari batik SME is one of big SMEs in Sragen. Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) for analysis, the results of this study indicate that the relationships between individuals are highly dependent and focused on the specific individuals as intermediaries.

In addition, there are patterns of relationships in the subgroups, or cliques, which have only a few numbers of members. In addition, the relationships appear to be one-way relationships than reciprocal relationships. This kind of relationships is less support to collaboration.

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Posted in Economics, Volume III, Issue no. 6