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Human Resources in SAP

Modern and advanced organizations in today’s world are influenced by various changes. One of these changes is impact of information technology applications and programs. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular and today’s big, medium and small companies have to deal with changes of the new era and modern technology.

One important reason is achieving competitive advantages, better control of information, and significant savings on operating costs. Institutions and companies that do not accept, or avoid the adoption and implementation of information technology in business, in most cases, are not ready for market race, or they must be expressed in differentiated and expensive service or product that is not dependent on information technologies.

Lately, many companies referred to the so-called ERP solutions, which is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. The purpose of these solutions is to cover the entire business of the company through the offered modules. In this way, the company implements a unique business solution that shows insight into the entire business, achieves excellent control of operations, and uses the existing data, in order to make crucial decisions. ERP solution, called SAP, is a famous one among the top ten vendors of business software.

The demand for human resources that are capable of adjusting to modern trends and operating in SAP solution is huge. However, the purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of human capital in soft computing in general. In this paper, we are analyzing soft computing model: SAP and the role of human capital in it.

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