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Sustainable Resilience of Company Management System

Resilience management performance comprise the resilience management processes: building awareness of resilience issue, selection of essential organizational components, selection of organizational operation, identification and prioritization of keystone vulnerability. Management knowledge comprise following elements: Commercial knowledge management, Quality knowledge management, Health and safety knowledge management and Environment knowledge management. The assessment of the overall resilience profile for each organization represents the set of rules to be followed in the assessment procedure. Resilience profiles have been developed to give organizations a visual description of their resilience and indicate areas of strength and weakness.

The Resilience Index is the stability parameter of any system and can be used as the measuring parameter for the assessment of the potential hazard events. In particular, it is of interest to mention that the Resilience Index is the parameter of the system which can be used as the diagnostic tool in the assessment of the potential hazard event of the system. As regards management hazard events can lead to mal function of the company and its destruction.

The catastrophic event prediction is imminent to every complex system and requires the permanent measurement of the indicators fluctuation and evaluation of the resilience index in the time scale. If there are simultaneous changes of the indicators there is a need to have validation of their agglomeration in order to verify those situations which are the potential catastrophic events.

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