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A Study on Online Shopping Sites from Perspective of Perceived Value and Perceived Customer Satisfaction

Perceived customer value may be describe as comparing with of performance and quality perceptions perceived for offers of competing products and services and own products and services, devoted to own products and services of the customers in the way of enterprises. The concept of perceived value is an inner comparison and evaluation condition appeared as a result of product/service before starting of purchasing product and service. In case the perceived customer satisfaction is an inner evaluation condition appeared in the end of usage during product/service selling and at the end of usage. It can be said that it is an efficient customer perception on much more new preferment behavior as the results according to customer value perception of customer satisfaction. Even it is also possible to say the grift facts triggered off each other of the perception format oriented to these two customers inner evaluations. For the enterprises which want to get the competitive edge about new product development, selling, marketing and promotion product is important to be directed according to these customer satisfaction and customer value perception and expectation concepts triggered off and impressed each other.
This study was materialized for online shopping sites especially online clothing shopping sites. As a result of their own business model of online shopping sites, there are some elements which influenced deeply the customer satisfaction and value which the customers perceived. According to this, the perceived value investigating of service quality and confidence that is, the examination of relation between with expectations formed according to competitor was seen as important. The main purpose of the
study is to put forward efficient on the customer satisfaction, perceptions of customer value of online consumers who prefer online shopping sites. The customer value concept perceived in this context was studied with functional, emotional, social and potential value subvalues, in case perceived customer satisfaction concept, with quality and confident subvalues. As the result of analysis performed, it was established (R2:0,84 and p:0,00) positive directed and significant a relation between the perceived customer satisfaction and perceived customer value.

  A Study on Online Shopping Sites from Perspective of Perceived Value and Perceived Customer Satisfaction (674.7 KiB, 1,790 hits)

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