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Current Challenges and Opportunities of System Modeling for Hospital Automation

This paper is focusing on the System Modeling for Hospital Automation, its challenges and opportunities. System modeling is mean to convert requirement analysis to system/specification. It shows the way of direction of how to use the system with effective way. It helps to understand system easier and builds the link among different activities and its impact. System modeling can trace out the problem area and after analyzing, it shows and determined the expected model, which could be more appropriate to implement for any organization, hospital as well as various types of business institutions. So the objective of this paper is to come across the system modeling for “Hospital Automation” and to find out the solution by analyzing with few methods. So this paper will discuss the domain scope for hospital, Software development life cycle, object oriented, function oriented and agent based software development methodology. It focuses also the requirement engineering. And finally also maps out the Jackson approach as well as VORD method for implement these approaches for Hospital Automation to meet the current challenges and accept the opportunities.

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