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Educational Tourism: Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development with reference of Hadauti and Shekhawati Regions of Rajasthan ,India

Rajasthan is a main tourism State in the nation. It’s glorious legacy, bright living customs, traditions, wonderful heritage, mesmerizing natural beauty,vibrant folk, energetic people and delicious cuisines are exceptional attractions for both, domestic and foreign tourists.

The substantial and indescribable tourism products of the State offer enormous potential for development of the tourism industry. Improvement of tourism assets and expanding both, domestic and international tourists’ arrivals is a high need for the State especially for the important regions like Hadauti and Shekhawati. Lack of educational programs, awareness, promotion are few reasons that the regions are not able to attract the tourists towards them. In fact the tourists who are visiting Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar etc. tourist places of Rajasthan are even not aware about the hidden treasures of Hadauti and Shekhawati regions. Moreover it the regions are facing the problems related with falling prices of agricultural, economical instability, poor infrastructure, lack of resources, unemployment, lack of entrepreneurship etc. In these situations it becomes more important to focus on the resource in which the regions are rich and distinct from other regions of the State. There is no doubt into the potential of tourism at Hadauti and Shekhawati regions. Tourism knowledge of these regions if provided in a learning methodology and strategically planned way these regions will make a benchmark on the State tourism. From Hedonistic tourism to spiritual every experience tourists can get at Hadoti as well as at Shekhawati region. Therefore, there is a requirement for developing Education Tourism at both the regions. It is the high time to change the present patterns of learning of tourism. The present paper is an attempt to stress upon the education tourism adoption as a growth strategy for the sustainable development of tourism in both the regions. The paper also highlights the hindrances and requirements for creating education tourism as an exclusive part of learning.

  Educational Tourism: Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development with reference of Hadauti and Shekhawati Regions of Rajasthan ,India (699.7 KiB, 7,683 hits)

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