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Social and Environmental Responsibility of the Organization in the Context of Sustainable Development

The attitude of companies on the environment fits into a broader sector such as that of social responsibility. Social responsibility includes topics such as child labor exploitation, safety and quality or environmental impact of companies. They now receive more attention from the media, because they lead to the development of new legislation, causing some of the responses consumers through demand and are considered by investors for setting up the portfolio. The debate services that companies must provide society that forms at a time the market and how society influences the behavior of companies imposing them or punishing certain behaviors remain open and highly complex.
As a conclusion we can highlight that in the growing social concern to strive towards development models based on sustainability, the company is trying to redefine its role to adapt to these environmental changes. In this regard, there is a concern increasingly more important role it has to play in the overall strategy of sustainable development as the basic unit of production and thus generating considerable impacts for both economic and social and environmental.

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Governance and Investment in the Valuation of Natural Resources

Natural resource management regarding the economic development while respecting the imperatives of compliance with environmental quality is not an easy task. In this paper the authors highlight the role of good governance and investment management in finding the optimal decision regarding the valuation strategy of limited natural resources. Criteria used type of information that is needed and other relevant aspects are discussed and illustrated by examples from Romania.

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Legal Regime of Shale Gas Extraction

Some countries with large reserves intend to promote shale gas production, in order to reduce their dependency on imported gas. Shale gas will be an important new aspect in the world energy scene, with many effects. European Union wants secure and affordable sources of energy. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a vital component of European Union’s energy strategy. One of the most important aspects is that gas produces significantly cleaner energy than other fossil fuels. From a legal point of view, extraction of oil and natural gas is one of the most highly-regulated activities. In European Union, the regulation of shale gas activities is different if we compare with United States. United States has a complete framework of federal and state regulation of shale gas extraction. More than that, these regulations have evolved in order to respond to the United States shale gas boom. Legal regime of shale gas extraction in every member state of European Union must put together national and European Union regulations in this field of activity.

Methodology: The analysis is based on a survey of relevant national legal frameworks. The purpose of the article is not to provide an assessment of the applicable legal framework but to analyse how the current legal framework is applied in practice and to point to possible areas for further review.

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The Past, the Present and the Future of the Albanian Tourism

The issue of tourism is increasingly taking place in media debates during the recent years, due to the increased number of the visitors, our brothers from Kosovo and tourists from all over the world. Actually it is created the full concept that the tourism development should be seen as a goal to increase its influence in the Albanian economy.

I have been trying to collect data over 10 years and to be in touch with every progress in the field of Albanian tourism. I agree when you say that tourism is still in our infancy stages, but although it is talked of a “golden” baby, let me remind you that it’s a baby born many years ago … Recently it is talked about the important role that tourism plays in the economy of the country. In fact, this problem is discussed by all governments that have come to power after the 90s. But if you see reality, you are convinced that in most cases it was only PROPAGANDA. For someone who is in contact with the Albanian tourism developments, the more difficult question to answer is: Why aren’t we developing our tourism with an accelerated and perspective system and to the pace of development why are we the lowest compared with all Eastern European countries? If I used the metaphor of the train entering in the proper rails, where the train symbolizes the Albanian tourism and the rails the proper ways of development, I would say that our current tourism has begun to join the rails. I say this more to relax myself with optimism and to show the civilized world that Albania has inexhaustible resources.

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