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Adaptive Management on Danube Delta’s Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a heritage of life that could hold the information needed for the wellbeing of human kind. The challenge of biodiversity preservation was addressed by various management solutions, the newest being the adaptive management. The paper aims to give insights for the application of adaptive management and to reveal its potential for increasing the effectiveness of ecosystem management in the Danube Delta. Carefully designed adaptive management action plans could allow important improvements in the information base that support decisions related to reed valuation.

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Forest Protection and Climate Change – Integrated Approach through Market Based Mechanisms

Currently it is unfolding the United Nations International Year for Forests. This underlines the recognition of forests importance for the contemporary and future society and envisages raising awareness on several aspects to be considered by the variety of stakeholders for forestry. Meanwhile, the rate of deforestation halted its increase although remain high with more than ten million tropical forest being destroyed in each year. Deforestation economics is more than explanatory in this respect and supportive for urgent and effective policy action that could improve incentives for sustainable forest management instead of conversion or logging. REDD+ is among the latest and most challenging policy tools developed within a global approach addressing both climate change and forest protection in an integrated manner underpinned by the convergence of interests in these two major environmental areas. The paper envisages to explain the interdependencies and to highlight progresses made in implementation.

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