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Implications Knowledge Sharing through E-Collaboration and Communication Tools

Successful knowledge management in institutions relies heavily on the process of knowledge sharing. Subsequently, the electronic tools of communication are no longer treated as repository within knowledge management but are regarded as collaborative tools in today’s knowledge-driven organization. To further strengthen the positive effects of knowledge sharing through e-communication tools, institutions need to identify and enhance those tools that are being successfully acknowledged and implemented by the users. Basically, they must invest on the tools, which are used more comfortably by the users in order to develop the knowledge sharing procedures comprehensively. The goal here is to discuss current research and investigate the most efficient available tools for online knowledge sharing in institutes of higher learning from the lecturers’ viewpoint. This study helps to identify the most proper systems for this purpose and to improve them for achieving better outcomes in academic environments. A survey was conducted to acquire data for this study. The questionnaire was designed and distributed through email to more than 700 Lecturers in a Malaysian university, out of which 150 complete responses were collected.

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