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Adaptive Management on Danube Delta’s Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a heritage of life that could hold the information needed for the wellbeing of human kind. The challenge of biodiversity preservation was addressed by various management solutions, the newest being the adaptive management. The paper aims to give insights for the application of adaptive management and to reveal its potential for increasing the effectiveness of ecosystem management in the Danube Delta. Carefully designed adaptive management action plans could allow important improvements in the information base that support decisions related to reed valuation.

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Nature Conservation Policies and Strategies

Humans dependence on nature is beyond doubt one of the most powerful evidence that supports the thesis of environmental protection. This relation is manifold and it was approached in various frameworks. The paper focuses on the conservation of nature in its narrow sense, meaning natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Although this topic is among the top priorities in environmental policymaking, the progresses recorded to date are not reflecting this position. The analysis aims to highlight the main policies and strategies and the developments for new actions targeting improved effectiveness.

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