Special Issue – December 2012

Economics Essays


ISSN-L: 2069-5934
ISSN-PRINT: 2285-4096
Book language: English
Publishing house: Scientific Papers
Number of pages: 376
Published on: December 2012


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Mădălina Albu – Quality Management System-Management Tool to Maintain and Continuously Improve Product Quality

Mândricel Diana Andreea – Economic Globalisation, A Worldwide Priority

Mădălina Albu – Optimization of Management Strategies

Păunescu V. Loredana-Maria – Statistics Indicators on the Labour Market

Păunescu V. Loredana-Maria – Integrated System of Jobs Intermediation for Young Graduates

Borcoşi Corina Ana; Neamţu Ion – Small and Medium Romanian Enterprises and Accessing
the European Funds

Silvia Popescu; Sorin Roată – Cultural Diversity in Business

Emilian M. Dobrescu – Economy of Terra and Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Edith Mihaela Dobre – Comparative Analysis of Polycentric Structures of Romania and other Countries. The Role Poles of Development

Marin Ciumag; Anca Ciumag – The Value Added Tax at the Invoice Collection – Tax and Accounting Implications

Vătuiu Teodora; Guran Manciu Liliana – Excel Optimization Tool: The Solver

Ganea Tudor Alexandru – Building a Model of Analysing Bank Loan Applications on a Statistical Basis

Ivan Valeriu – Competitiveness Through Intelligence

Sebastian Ene; Danuţ Chilarez – The Impact of Open Market Variables on Fdi. Case of Romania?

Oana Claudia Ionescu – Life Insurance Versus Private Pension

Vasile Dumbravă; Laura Maria Dindire – Benchmarking on some Critical Variables of Organizational Behavior of Knowledge Intensive at the Level of Companies from European Union Members

Argentina Grămadă – The Electronic Document Management, the Key Solution to Operational Efficiency in the 21st Century Organization

Alina Măriuca Ionescu – Utilization of Multivariate Statistical Methods in the Construction of Composite Indicators of Quality of Life

Dan Dumitru Ionescu; Alina Măriuca Ionescu – Work-Life Relationship for Women Entrepreneurs

Negrutiu Magdalena; Calotă Traian-Ovidiu – Study on Tax Treatment of Income Resulted from the Exploitation of Royalties

Dragoș Stănescu; Florin Văduva – The European Union Between a Real Union and Dissolution

Alice Dalina Matei Cernaianu; Nicolae Cernaianu – Estimation Techniques Based Flexible Fuzzy Models

Ciobanasu Marilena; Postole Mirela-Anca – The Indirect Taxes in Romania – Actuality and Perspectives

Dan Ion Ghergut – Entrepreneurial Skills in Romanian Sme’s: Demands and Facts

Paraschiva Grigorie; Cătălin Grigorie; Mariana-Florentina Ştefănescu; Claudia Vlaicu; Adrian Ghencea – Economic and Psycological Implications of Romanian Youth of Unmet Training in the Actual Global Context

Tiberiu Cristian Avrămescu; Florin Văduva – Population Participation in Labour Force: Statistical Models for Development Regions Hierarchy in Romania

Mariana Chivu; Ion Pargaru – The Higher Education in Romania after 1989 and the Influence of the Bologna Process

Ruiu Roxana – Controversial Implications Concerning the Implementation of Vat System at the Moment if It’s Collection

Bogdan-Gabriel Vasilciuc; Florin Văduva; Florin Martin – Study about the Level of Collaborative Technology Adoption within Companies in Romania and his Impact on Performance

Troacă Victor; Gheorghe Holt – Using Rates Method in the Structural Analysis of the Balance Sheet

Iustin Priescu; Tudor Ganea; Florin Văduva; Anca Postole – A Survey on Financial Behaviour of Potential Contractors in Development areas of South–Muntenia, South–Western Oltenia, North-Eastern Moldavia and Bucharest-Ilfov

Silvia Popescu; Ioana Duca – New Business Paradigm and Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs