Designing and Implementation Iraqi E-Government Front Office Online System

Electronic Government (e-Government) is a simple-identified phenomenon in globally. E-Government (front office) is the application of information technology through average person field companies to obtain to its people in the current and effective technique (Al-Taie, M. Z. and S. Kadry). In 2003, Iraq began the establishment of electronic government with the help of the Italian government as the Italian government provide the equipment and techniques to establish ICT in Iraq as well as the training of personnel to use these equipments (Sharief, Graul, & Ian, 2007). Although Iraq has shown a considerable increase in Internet connections from 12,500 in the year 2000 to 2,750,000 in the year 2008, still it constitutes only 10% of the Iraq population had access to the Internet. Moreover, among those who had internet access, usage intensity is low which is quite poor compared to the global average (Al-Hammadany [3], Heshmati [3], 2011). The use of e-Government has revealed advantages for the government in the supply of more efficient and effective information and services to the people of Iraq (Nassir Al-Khafaji, Dr. Abdul Jaleel Kehinde, Prof. Dr. Wan Rozaini, 2012). According (UN, United Nations E-Government Survey 2012 (Iraq is currently, The percentage of stages of implementation is a rate of 25% where the execution rate in four stages,respectively (75% and 33%, 6%, 26%). We notice there are weaknesses in the establishment of e-government applications that provide online service in Iraq.

The purpose of this study is to discover what the challenges facing egovernment – front office online services in Iraq and explain the workings of the front office as well as engage the Iraqi people to use e-government. And
increase their confidence of electronic transactions furthermore, how construction front office available and efficient and easy for different users and increase the confidence Iraqi’s users to use of the e-government online
services through the portal. Designing applications for smart phones, such as the application of the diagnosis of kidney disease and to identify the symptoms and what initial treatment.

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