Reviewing The Influence Of IT Applications Such As Implementing Online Distribution Channels In Hotel Industry

Purpose: This research aims to study the influence of information technology applications, particularly electronic distribution channels, on success and failure factors that have been devoted to the handling of routine operational problems in the hotel industry.

Design/methodology/approach: Reviewing personal interviews and surveys of structured questionnaires done by senior level managers of hotels. The collected data has been analyzed to generate the findings of this research.

Findings: According to this analysis, IT applications were not used merely to replace the paper work and the traditional manual system but also to improve customer service and enhance management power. The results emphasize that the growing of online distribution channels have affected the ability of hotels to support employees, enhance the quality of service, improve communication and efficiencies, gain competitive advantage, maintain relationship with customers and increase profitability.

Research limitations:
Most of the findings in this study are based upon the data and interviews gathered by other fellow researchers. There is no testing for accuracy of these findings.

The surveys and interviews used for this analysis were performed on selected hotel (rated three stars and above) in selected locations, which are not inclusive of all the hotels in one particular country; therefore the results may not be extensively applicable.

In some of interviews there isn’t clear cut differentiate between online distribution channels and travel agents that makes hard to bring out clear results from them.

Originality/value: This research attempts to contribute to the knowledge of hotel owners and managers in relation to the decision-making processes for the implementation of IT infrastructures such as “online distribution channels” in the context of hotel industry and facilitate hoteliers to incorporate IT into their efforts to remain competitive in the industry.

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