Impact Of Information Organization On Performance In Tourism

The unprecedented development of communication, transportation media and infrastructure, as well as the increase of the number and diversity of offers, within the context of growth of incomes of certain social categories, have facilitated during the last few years a significant increase of demand in the touring industry which therefore occupies a more and more important place in the national economy, but also in the world economy.

However, a closer look shows us that the overview of tourism at the national, regional and global level presents progressively stronger characteristics in terms of: general condition of locations, provided facilities, degree of accessibility, level of costs, quality and diversity of the provided services, used technologies, potential risks etc. Therefore, the growth of performance in tourism depends more and more on obtaining, organization of strongly
substantiated basis of information and their exploitation to a maximum level of efficiency.

Starting from these considerations, our endeavor aims at making an (non-exhaustive) analysis of the elements allowing increasing of efficiency of information use in the increase of performance in tourism.

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