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Albanian Accounting Trends in Accordance With EU Standards

A lot of work has gone to standardize the financial accounts of insurance and requirements of reimbursement ability. These projects are made by various international organizations. This will alter the way the insurance companies keep their accounts and how they design strategies. All this work in accounting is being done to increase transparency and provide the most realistic accounts of insurance. This is an indirect form to protect the policyholders. Even the regulation on repayment ability is a method of protecting policyholders. Accounting is the process of collecting and reporting financial information about entity or about a group of units. Accounting practices are developed over time and they reflect the traditional national accounts. With the development of EU and increased activity of insurance companies or other companies outside the national borders, finding of a common way to present financial data of companies is becoming more critical. In connection with commercial enterprises, accounting information users include managers, investors, potential investors, lenders, investment analysts, regulators and consumers. The accounting changes outlined here, will be mandatory for insurance companies listed on stock exchange. However it is expected that other companies will adopt these rules as they aim to clearly present the true situation of the company, critical for managing a company.

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The Past, the Present and the Future of the Albanian Tourism

The issue of tourism is increasingly taking place in media debates during the recent years, due to the increased number of the visitors, our brothers from Kosovo and tourists from all over the world. Actually it is created the full concept that the tourism development should be seen as a goal to increase its influence in the Albanian economy.

I have been trying to collect data over 10 years and to be in touch with every progress in the field of Albanian tourism. I agree when you say that tourism is still in our infancy stages, but although it is talked of a “golden” baby, let me remind you that it’s a baby born many years ago … Recently it is talked about the important role that tourism plays in the economy of the country. In fact, this problem is discussed by all governments that have come to power after the 90s. But if you see reality, you are convinced that in most cases it was only PROPAGANDA. For someone who is in contact with the Albanian tourism developments, the more difficult question to answer is: Why aren’t we developing our tourism with an accelerated and perspective system and to the pace of development why are we the lowest compared with all Eastern European countries? If I used the metaphor of the train entering in the proper rails, where the train symbolizes the Albanian tourism and the rails the proper ways of development, I would say that our current tourism has begun to join the rails. I say this more to relax myself with optimism and to show the civilized world that Albania has inexhaustible resources.

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