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Promotion and Compensation of Women in Albanian Banking Sector

Participation of women in different kind of professions, even in those which were considered to be men’s domain, is not a strange phenomenon in lots of countries today. Women have fought and struggled a lot, to have opportunities for better education, careers, and salaries, even by competing with men. There have been important changes and no discrimination is pronounced in different industries and sectors of economy, anyway is the situation bright for women today? Concentrated in one of the most regulated sectors of economy-bank industry, this paper brings out a discussion about gender parity in promotion opportunities, professional development and salaries in Albanian context.

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Mission of Women in The Scope of E-government in Iraq

E-government is a positive situation prevalent in most developed and developing countries in order to provide the best possible service to citizens and keep time and effort and reduce the waste of public money (Al-Dabbagh, 2011). Based on view of literature in some countries, problems faced in the establishment of e-government are located within the same geographic region surround Iraq as well as countries from other spot in the world.

In light of the lack of studies on women’s participation in information and communication technology in the world and especially in the Arab region and highlights so clearly in Iraq, which generates our idea of the rareness of women’s participation according to (Reade-Fong and Gorman, 2005) “while new information technology has given women the opportunity to share information and interact on a scale that was hard to imagine, in terms of political, economic and social participation, women’s worldwide presence in information technology remains low”.

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