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Determinants of Knowledge Sharing Using Web Technologies among Students in Higher Education

Knowledge sharing is becoming more and more important as such educational institutions are trying to harness this opportunity to students’ learning environment in order to create value.

Therefore, the motivation behind this research is to conduct an empirical study to explore the factors that influence the success of knowledge-sharing using web technologies among students in higher education.

A total number of 263 respondents were used in this study after removing the outliers from the actual data collected in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Based on the research model, multiple regression analysis was run on the group of constructs. The findings indicate benefit, experience, workgroup, knowledge culture, technology availability, and technology support were the significant variables that influence knowledge sharing using web 2.0 tools in the university.

While in this study, cost has no positive effect in influencing knowledge sharing using web technologies in the university.

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Distributed Systems and Web Technologies

The information system shall represent the support of the put on and of the simplification of rules and administrative procedures in order to ensure a broad and non-discriminatory public access to public services and also to reduce tariffs for these services, along with the operating costs and the personnel costs.

IT&C market and the major brands have come up with new solutions and new architectures: SOA (Services Oriented Architecture), S+S or SaS (Software as Services) complex architectures, modulation, business solutions designed to streamline information and it’s flow, to privilege the citizen access to services, signifying furthermore a careful spending of public money lead to a double vertical and horizontal integration of all services, transactions and applications.

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