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Collaborative Research and the Semantic Web

This paper is a review of the literature on semantic web technologies and states their relevance in collaborative research. The semantic web is comprised of modern technologies that can allow academia in developing countries learn to adopt innovative and collaborative techniques of research.
The objectives guiding this paper were, to examine the relevance of semantic web technologies in collaborative research and to establish the benefits semantic web technologies present to collaborative research. This paper explores the semantic web environment to present an assessment of its effect on collaborative researches.
The study is carried out through a literature review that involved an examination of scientific research papers in journals and conference proceedings, and from online journals. The paper concludes that the semantic web has changed the way we interact, potentially changing collaborative research by adding new levels of functionality on the web by enabling activities which are interactive in nature between people and computers.
These activities include but not limited to interpreting content on the web, update alerting, data sharing and customized responses to web queries.

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Posted in Economics, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Volume IX / 2019, Volume IX, Issue no. 1