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Comparison of different sources of patent granted on economic effects

Nowadays, innovation and patents is a tool for enterprise to generate competency. Besides, most countries protect their patents with “Territorialism” and the annual-fee system. This study emphasis on the relationship between the patent from difference applied area and the generated benefits, which forms patent portfolio the best set of coherent strategy and combines with high value-creating , and attempts to find out a rule to assist enterprise in applying patent to the proper area where create the highest benefits and match their cost-benefit. Enterprises view patent portfolio as an integration of patent strategy to construct overall business strategy. From the results, benefits created by patents are very difference not only because of the theology, but also the applied area. Through this study, enterprises could realize that they must consider where could create the highest benefits under the restriction while applying patent.

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Stock Market Reaction to Patent Value in Japan: an Event Study Analysis

The patent is regarded as an indicator of a firm’s innovativeness and many studies have tried to use it as a proxy for the same. However, little research focuses on the impact of the substantial value of patents on stock prices.
This study employs event study analysis to explore the stock market reaction to the announcement of the “Patent Value Brand” by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the “YK Value,” which is used to measure the economic value of a patent during the selection process. Our finding reveals little evidence for positive and significant stock price reactions to the brand announcement around the event day.

In addition, the result is not altered in terms of cumulative abnormal returns over a longer term.
We conclude that the stock market did not respond to the announcement of the Patent Value Brand and the substantial value of patents which is represented by the YK Value.

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Posted in Knowledge Management, Volume III, Issue no. 6