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Social and Environmental Responsibility of the Organization in the Context of Sustainable Development

The attitude of companies on the environment fits into a broader sector such as that of social responsibility. Social responsibility includes topics such as child labor exploitation, safety and quality or environmental impact of companies. They now receive more attention from the media, because they lead to the development of new legislation, causing some of the responses consumers through demand and are considered by investors for setting up the portfolio. The debate services that companies must provide society that forms at a time the market and how society influences the behavior of companies imposing them or punishing certain behaviors remain open and highly complex.
As a conclusion we can highlight that in the growing social concern to strive towards development models based on sustainability, the company is trying to redefine its role to adapt to these environmental changes. In this regard, there is a concern increasingly more important role it has to play in the overall strategy of sustainable development as the basic unit of production and thus generating considerable impacts for both economic and social and environmental.

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Understanding Industrial Innovation and Upgrade from Modularization’s Perspective

In the era of globalization and information technology, modularization is an approach to solve economic system complexity and the essence of new industrial structure. The source of industrial innovation comes from technology and organization modularization and system integration. Industrial upgrade takes effect through interaction of the following factors: competition of modular firms, knowledge creation, knowledge flow, modular option and absorptive capability. The modular and architectural innovation promotes the industrial upgrade.

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Digital Mapping as a business opportunity: Exploring Albania

Albanian economy is strictly connected to the fluctuations economies of its neighbor countries. The conducted research aim at creating a web based GIS platform working as a communication and information source to the prospective of managing a future potential category of investitors. The paper outlines the importance of digital mapping technology as a powerful tool which can lead into interesting solutions. We are introducing a set of models regarding specific sector categories explaining how integration of GIS technology can result a perfect liaison bridge between this group of businessman’s and their new terrain of investment, mitigating their hesitancy due to the lack of information and recognition. GIS technology serves as a mirror to evaluate options, opportunities and probabilities. Through GIS tools they can get involved into the economic situation in the country by tracking customers and competitive businesses. Geographic data must be considered as the basic framework of entire organizations.

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