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The Factors that Affect the Economic Growth in Albania

The economic growth is the most important indicator in determining the welfare of a country, thus affecting the growth of income level. The economic growth is one of the indicators most used by economists, governments and international economic organizations and is also considered as synonymous with development.
Economic growth is an indicator of the performance of the management of economic resources of the period by identifying the economy of a country.
Given the great importance that has the economic growth for a country, the study makes an analysis of the process of economic growth in Albania after 1990 and until our days, by determining which the main sources that have provided growth were. But, despite the problems arising in this regard, the study currently is trying to show which should be the new model that will provide long-term economic growth of the country.

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Posted in Economics, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Volume V / 2015, Volume V, Issue no. 5