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Quality through E-Learning and Quality for E-Learning

E-learning is a term frequently debated in the lasts years, especially in the academic environment. Computer technology has profoundly transformed society, research and education. It provides support for the development of an educational system continuously adapted to society’s demands and advances in knowledge acquisition. Students can learn, evaluate and communicate their own results in formal or informal settings, universities and other public institutions take part in the development of international projects, workers are able to integrate learning into work, using the same tools and technology for working as they use for learn. Teachers have to adopt an appropriate way to interact with students, accept that both formal and informal learning settings offer important strengths to the learning process. They have to assist students in accessing knowledge, become facilitators of learning and partners in sharing ICT resources. What is more, if students used to learn in an on-line way, the school-to-work transition is easier, because they carry the experience of e-learning with them into the workplace, they have more control over their learning and can integrate learning into work more effectively.

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