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What Is Good e-Learning?

To introduce e-learning are used informatic systems, the communication and media networks.
Transfer of skills and knowledge specific e-learning is possible, mainly using computer and networks. E-learning using electronic applications and processing in order to learn. Learning and e-learning applications are based on Web technology, which is computer based, virtual classroom and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet site, audio tape or video, satellite TV and CD-ROM. E-learning applications are led by an instructor and typically include text, images, animation, video and audio.

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Modern Techniques for Online Promotion of Banking Services and Products

Promote bank services and products involve above all extensive market studies, identifying consumer needs, consumer segmentation, improving the quality of supply – all for shaping a promotional campaign to be completed by attracting new customers.

Today, organizations are struggling to shape new ways to create their own image, strong among consumers, which means a model of education with valuable content.

Communication with current customers or potential achieved through well thought out promotional strategies.

Due to the changes through which humanity moves into the digital world technology – internet, mobile and social media networks, which have major impact on consumer behavior and institutions?

Markets are conversations; The Clue train Manifesto was said in the book fundamental Internet era, that marketing is not the key element in an institution, BUT THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

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Web Technologies And Databases

The database means a collection of many types of occurrences of logical records containing relationships between records and data elementary aggregates. Management System database (DBMS) – a set of programs for creating and operation of a database. Theoretically, any relational DBMS can be used to store data needed by a Web server. Basically, it was observed that the simple DBMS such as Fox Pro or Access is not suitable for Web sites that are used intensively. For large-scale Web applications need high performance DBMS’s able to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is used to create hypertext documents for web pages. The purpose of HTML is rather the presentation of information – paragraphs, fonts, tables, than semantics description document.

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The Premises and the Evolution of Electronic Commerce

Inevitably, the boom in technology and informational technology have had an impact on the business world since the late ’80s, when the Internet began to penetrate the lives of millions of users around the globe. Currently, concepts such as e-business or e-commerce have found their place and applicability inside the global economy with ease, knowing it promoted models exhibiting an accelerated rate of development, well above the usual average growing rate of the traditional economy. Although the industry (especially the American one) saw a critical moment in the early 2000s, the obstacles have been overcome, confirming a continuous rise of electronic commerce in the last twenty years. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the characteristics of electronic commerce, the global implementation stage, reviewing in the process the main steps taken in this area up to the present and last but not least to identify possible development trends for the future.

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