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The Phillips Curve – Uk Case

Inflation, as a monetary phenomenon, is viewed by monetarists occurring as a result of supply of currency growing faster than the economic output. Research endeavours aimed at understanding the inflationary process among countries have witnessed major advancements in modelling short-term inflation dynamics”. The literature on the Phillips Curve, which is the “modern view of inflationary process”, continues to increase. This paper, therefore, provides an empirical analysis of testing the Phillips Curve in the case of the UK. An econometric regression of the traditional Phillips Curve, the New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the New Hybrid Keynesian Phillips Curve has been conducted, using the UK time-series data starting from 1956 to 2010. I have used the output gap, Hodrick-Prescot Filter and Generalized Methods of Moments measures to estimate the results. Some of the results are quite robust, whereas the NKPC and the hybrid NKPC do not fit the UK data.

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Life Insurance – Their Characteristics Importance and Actuality On The Romanian Market

For the twenty-first century life, there cannot be a real, long-term and sustained progress, without insurance. Let’s only consider the avalanche of natural disasters and acts of terrorism in recent years that have affected many parts of the world, brought suffering to millions of people and caused huge economic losses.

The common knowledge that a country’s economic strength lays in banking and insurance needs no arguments. It is not accidental that the most stable economies, where even population’s prosperity is remarkable, are found in countries where insurance is well represented in economic life.

In a modern economy, insurances play an important role due to its contribution to financial stability, by promoting effective control of various risk categories and mobilizing people’s savings.

This paper plans to identify the main characteristics, trends and developments of life insurance products and their market, as well as the interactions between the insurance sector, banks and financial markets and to highlight some of the determinants of insurance demand. Also, another topic addressed is the current economic context, and the effects of inflation and economic recession on this sector.

Finally, this paper contains a short observation of the evolution of this particular market, striving to make a “prediction” of the immediate prospects of this activity.

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