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The Impact Of The Industrial Sector On Romanian Employment

Through our study we aim to highlight the place and role of the Romanian industry in the national economy and its impact on employment in the last twenty years. Moreover, we intend to underline the regional gaps determined by the role and place of the industry at regional level. The results of our analysis carried out based on the statistical data between 1990 and 2009, show, on the one hand, the deindustrialization of the economy based on the reduction of the industry’s contribution to GDP as well as to civil employment, and on the other hand, the negative impact that the industry’s evolution had on employment. For the industry to generate new jobs and sustainable economic growth, we consider that it is necessary to turn our industry into a more efficient one and to increase its adaptability to the market’s demands.

The results of this paper consist of original heterodox methods presented, intuitive or developed that can be found conclusively within the key proposals for education and regulation.

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