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Globalization – Engine for Economic Growth

This paper tries to design the proper framework for highlighting the importance of globalization and the meaning of it being the engine for economic growth. Globalization and economic growth go hand in hand and are empowered by the Solow’s model influence, which is translated as sustainable economic development, which also could be accelerated by using the Total Factors Productivity synergic relation. The competitive advantage of globalization is growth sustained and accelerated by factors that are empowered by the need to evolve of corporations and spread towards the entire global market, these being the part emphasized in the second part of this paper and also that wants to complementary complete globalization’s big picture.

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Romanian Advertising between Specificity and Globalization. A Comparative Analysis of Local and International Brands

Advertising today has conquered national boundaries, reaching consumers everywhere; however, local commercials retain their cultural background, combining global and local features. This is the new “glocalization” phenomenon, or the specificity of globalization. During the past two decades, Romanian advertising developed spectacularly, making up for the time it was forbidden. Life-styles, consumer insight, economy and market dynamics changed the relationship between global and local advertising. Today, national advertising promotes surviving pre-Revolution brands, new, post-1990 brands, and international brands adapted to the local market. This chapter analyzes the local and global features of Romanian TV commercials for national and international brands according to the following criteria: positioning, visual/ verbal identity, social/cultural background.

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Volume II / Issue no. 2

The Ecological and Economical Performances in the Forested Area – a Need for the Future

The forests are indispensable for the natural balance on Earth. Without the existence of the forest the life is not possible because this ecosystem provides many goods and services. The many clear cut forest surfaces have led to the lack of balance of ecosystems causing risks for the environment. The globalization promotes multinational companies, which have an important role in the exploitation of the forest. Because of the many advantages, the forest must be protected from the bad influence of the globalization, a thing possible due to the fact that the world is heading to a new economic order. The paper presents the situation of the forests in Romania for the 2005-2007.

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The Organizations and the Challenges of the New Century

The changes from the present times influence more and more in general the national economies and in particular the companies thought the impact on their business environment. We can see how the events from one county have sometimes a global impact and other times have an impact on specific national economies or companies from a specific country. In this way the business environment it is in a continuous change that influences the company’s activities. If with decades behind, the organization of the company could remain unchanged for a long period of time, even in conditions of economic crisis or economic growth, in present the situation is totally different because of the dynamic rhythm of economic and social life. In order to face and to adapt to all these changes, the companies have to modify their management and organizational structures. The ease with which firms adapt to environmental changes depends on their organizational structures and flexibility.

But why some organizations yield more profit than other ones? Why some companies “survive” to competition and others “die” after a short period of success? These are standard questions of researches on business management. The answer to these questions is their capacity to adapt to changes and to choose the best alternative based on a proper match to the firm’s economic environment.

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Globalization – Miracle or Mirage for the Economy and Business Environment

The present article aims to bring into discussion the process of globalization – as central phenomenon of the 21st century. The areas of intervention where globalization is being noticed are various, from early history to the present day, in economics, marketing, IT, the educational system, politics, business, etc. The main idea that we want to set forth is the way globalization occurs in the economy, in general, and in some countries of the world (such as Bulgaria) and in Romania, especially, as well as the manner through which they succeed or not to take advantage of the effects of globalization. More or less, we depend on globalization, and the process of globalization and its impact in our times can be more or less controlled.

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Globalization Measurement: Notes on Common Globalization Indexes

Globalization is a broad concept casually used to describe a variety of phenomena that reflect increased economic, social and political interdependence of countries. Despite the increasing awareness on globalization, it is interesting to note that there is no any universally accepted definition and there is no standard measurement for globalization. Along with the growing number of countries participating in globalized world, there have been increasing concerns related to the globalization and its impacts on different aspect of life. Looking at the way globalization affects us, there is a need to measure globalization not only to know the effects of it, but also to manage it. A number of globalization measurements have been proposed. In this paper, we provide a taxonomy which categorized recent globalization measurement based on its definition to single and synthetic indexes. We then describe the indicators, method and availability of data, and analyses some of their shortcomings. In addition, we compare the indexes with respect to some criteria. Our survey concludes that selection of a good globalization indexes for the study depends on the objectives and the sample of the study. The findings of this study can help researchers as a guide line to select best index for their studies or develop new and better measurement.

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Conceptual Milestones of Sustainable Development Policy in a Global World

Environmental degradation is another issue that highlighted the drawbacks of the highly promoted economic relations in the last two centuries. In conceptual terms its solution was found in a variety of models out of which only sustainable development became a widespread support for policy making. The paper examines how the basic underpinning stands compared with the actual policies framed at global level and which are the prospects of success in a world that is more and more influenced by globalization. It was found that widening the scope of economy could bring in progress toward sustainability, but this also supposes a shift in the drivers of demand from global to local.

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