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The Impact of the Economic Crisis upon Fiscal System from Romania and EU Member States

Fiscal policies must ensure the stability of taxes and duties and to propose an optimal level of taxation that does not stop economic activity and do not aggravate the financial situation of the population. Measures concerning taxation system should have the effect of training on tax payers and coordinate proper location and collection of taxes. In the study we aim to achieve reform radiography incomplete and to highlight the challenges raised by taxpayers in Romania by presenting major deficiencies that offset the competitive advantages of the Romanian fiscal system.
Tax legislation should establish legal rules on imposing taxes and penalties for non-compliance with fiscal discipline and conduct training activities in the field of tax payers.
The uncertainty caused by frequency of legislative changes and quality of the relationship with the revenue authorities, including transparency, preparedness and availability are concerns that are found in the current study.
In conclusion, in Romania the share of revenues in GDP is low, although the number of tax administrations is comparable to that of countries with a population twice as large, which confirms once again that the Romanian tax system needs further reform. Its success will be ensured through indirect stimulation of a more sustainable model of economic growth by increasing tax collection to accommodate any potential adjustments of tax system directed specifically towards the incentive to work.



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