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Sustainability Challenge: Social Networks as a Factor for Improvement of Organizations Today

The development of Information Technology is present in different areas of business. Very popular forms of it are social networks. Social Network Manager or Social Network entrepreneur represents a new type of employee that is needed in both; small and large companies all over the world. The demand for human resources that are capable of adjusting to modern trends in the market is huge. There is no doubt that the number of these type of workforce is increasing that this kind of work helps organization to improve in many aspects. This is especially true for the area of marketing. Ability to survive in modern business is the key point of any organization. The purpose of this paper is to explain role and importance of social networks as they become very powerful tool of organizational improvement and sustainability in the business. In this paper, we are analyzing different social networks from different business perspectives and how does Bosnia and Herzegovina stand in this regard.

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Digital Mapping as a business opportunity: Exploring Albania

Albanian economy is strictly connected to the fluctuations economies of its neighbor countries. The conducted research aim at creating a web based GIS platform working as a communication and information source to the prospective of managing a future potential category of investitors. The paper outlines the importance of digital mapping technology as a powerful tool which can lead into interesting solutions. We are introducing a set of models regarding specific sector categories explaining how integration of GIS technology can result a perfect liaison bridge between this group of businessman’s and their new terrain of investment, mitigating their hesitancy due to the lack of information and recognition. GIS technology serves as a mirror to evaluate options, opportunities and probabilities. Through GIS tools they can get involved into the economic situation in the country by tracking customers and competitive businesses. Geographic data must be considered as the basic framework of entire organizations.

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