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The Policies That Affect the Extent of the Subcultures’ Alignment in Organization

The culture of the organization can be a strategic tool for the success of organization, because it influences how the organization conduct its business and helps regulate, control and model of the behavior in each subculture of the organization. Often, the subcultures are viewed by management as the representing tolerated deviations that do not disrupt the normative solidarity of the overall corporate culture’s dominant values. However, these deviations may become intolerable when there is significant value misalignment among the various subcultures within the organization. In such conditions, the lack of the subcultures’ alignment in organization is considered critical and important to manage. While diagnosing culture alignment of the “Pro Credit” bank in Albania, the article focuses on problems of alignment and techniques that improve the alignment of subcultures. For this purpose we estimate the extent to which individuals in each gender and generational subcultures agree or disagree with the culture’s dimensions. While, assess of the extent to which organization vision and values are understood and shared by subcultures within the organization, is in core of practical study.

  The Policies That Affect the Extent of the Subcultures' Alignment in Organization (849.8 KiB, 3,512 hits)

Posted in Economics, Volume II, Issue no. 1