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Development of Accounting in Kosovo: A Historical Perspective and Future Implications

Qualitative and reliable financial information is a key element in the decision making process, and the availability of such information is particularly important for the business management and public interest in general.

The road towards ensuring qualitative and reliable financial information is challenging and requires the use of multiple mechanisms to put in function the implementation of high quality standards and best practices, including these of financial reporting, accounting (also the international public sector accounting standards), professional education and ethical standards, in order to provide quality preparation and presentation of the information.

Accounting has the key role in the whole process, which enables the fulfillment of the need for accurate monitoring of the performance of the entity through credible and rigorous registration of all economic events that are part of its business.
Accounting promotes and supports business growth and development by facilitating strategic management, operational and financial management, as well as enables the protection of the interests of owners as investors particularly and also for other users of business information generally.

This paper presents an overview of the current situation of accounting in our country, reflecting the historical context and analysis according to the chronological flow that have influenced the development of this field in our country and the level of its use to provide relevant and accurate information, and meet the need for stronger public accountability and increased public participation in decision making.

The nature of accounting legal regulation and its implementation, the level of implementation of international accounting and financial reporting standards and the structure of education of accounting professionals are part of the analysis in this paper in order to see the development and evolution of the role of accounting in Kosovo.

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Modeling in Accounting, an Imperative Process?

The approach of this topic suggested to us by the fact that currently, it persists a controversy regarding the elements that influence decisively the qualitative characteristics of useful financial information. From these elements, we remark accounting models and concepts of capital maintenance in terms of the accounting result, which can be under the influence of factors such as subjectivity or even lack of neutrality.

Therefore, in formulating the response to the question that is the title of the paper, we will start from the fact that the financial statements prepared by the accounting systems must be the result of processing after appropriate models, which ultimately can respond as good as possible to external user’s requirements and internal, in particular the knowledge of the financial position and performance of economic entities.

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Opinions on the Aspects Affecting the Performance of Romanian Tourism

I have taken this theme into discussion, because I consider if of great actuality. Thus, though it is unanimously admitted the fact that the Romanian tourism is a branch of the national economy with a huge potential, and, at official level, it is considered to be a priority domain, its performance is not satisfactory yet. Therefore, I consider it very important to identify the most relevant aspects related to the deficiencies still existing in the system and the causes generating them.

In this regard, my approach aims both at the domestic environment, which is very dynamic and where the tourist activities take place, and also at the extremely strong influence of the foreign environment, materialized by the intensification of the globalization process.

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Accounting – a Pivot of the Business Performance?

We decided to approach this topic, because we consider it as highly topical in the context in which the general business environment suffers notable changes due to new trends in the economic, social and political trends worldwide.
In formulating the answer to the question that is actually the title of this paper, we start from the fact that the business environment is facing with ever more and complex challenges with a major impact on the measures, procedures and techniques to follow for maintaining an upward performance trend.

In this respect, we are going to highlight some arguments that justify the significant, even decisive contribution of the accounting in order to identify, develop and ensure the implementation of the best solutions for business development.

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