Special Issue – Economics Nobel Prize 2011

Nobel Prize timeframe (from nobelprize.org)Dear Readers of our Journal,

The Nobel Prize for Economy will be announced on 10th of October. Scientific Papers with it’s Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology will be publishing together with it’s 7th issue a special edition dedicated to this event and the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Never before the Nobel Prize for Economics had a much more relevance then today when the global economy faces such tribulations. Therefore, we would like to present to you the challenges of reality for the Economics ideas that Nobel Prize winners struggled with during it’s existence.

We would like to share with us your ideas of the following questions:

“What is your general impression about the Nobel Prizes for Economy?”

“How is the Nobel Prize ideas fitting the nowadays real economy?”

Please share your answers with us at our email: nobelprize@scientificpapers.org

Your thoughts will be published (free of charge) and will shape the editorial direction for this special issue. Thank you!