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Iryna Lendel

Dr. Lendel is an Assistant Director of the Center for Economic Development. Dr. Lendel conducts academic and applied research in technology-based economic development (TBED), public policies on TBED, ecology of innovation, economic impact and the role of universities in regional economies. She has been conducting academic and applied research in economic development since 1996, including work with the World Bank and Research Triangle Institute.

Before coming to the College of Urban Affairs, Dr. Lendel was an Associate Professor at the National Technical University of Oil and Gas in Ukraine. She taught Mathematical Methods for Production Systems, Microeconomics, and Econometrics at the Department of Economics of Oil and Gas. Dr. Lendel also managed the Economic Development Program of the biggest Ukrainian-Canadian technical assistance project “Small Business and Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk.”

Dr. Iryna Lendel earned her Master’s degree with Honors from Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Oil and Gas (Ukraine). After graduating from Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas’s Post-Graduate Course, she earned her Ph.D. in Economics at the Lviv Regional Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science. She earned a second Ph.D. in Urban Studies from the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs with a concentration in Economic Development. Dr. Lendel was named a Fulbright New Century Scholar for 2009-2010.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology-based economic development
  • Public policies on technology-based economic development
  • Regional and industry economic development
  • The role of universities in regional economies
  • The economics of university products
  • Industry clusters

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