The Role of Agriculture in Poverty Reduction – The Kosovo Case

“It is in the agricultural sector that the battle for long-term economic development will be won or lost” (Gunnar Myrdal, Nobel laureate in economics, cited by Todaro. M, Economic Development, fq. 418)
Agriculture is a vital development tool for achieving the Millennium Development Goals that demands for halving the share of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger. This paper deals with theoretical and practical aspects of the role of agriculture for sustainable development and poverty reduction. The main focus will be to identify the role of farming and other agricultural activities for economic development and poverty reduction in Kosovo, through the presentation of relevant data on the situation and the development potential of agriculture in Kosovo. Emphasis will be given to the level, causes and consequences of poverty in Kosovo and agriculture policy recommendations focusing on creating broad base for economic growth in rural areas, where poverty would be reduced. Based on the conclusions of the paper we can affirm that public investment in the agricultural sector represents the key to solving this serious and complex problem.

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