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Relative Value and Principles of Servicity

Paper aims at defining the value, taking conceptual ideas from the service economy, and at designing main conceptual criteria for correcting of routine approach in economics. It is built as a theoretical questioning and debate, starting with reminding certain issues from the Mercantilist and Physiocrat economic thought. The servicity view is thus reasoned, i.e. the respect to the actual service brought to the whole socio-economic and natural environment, being a part of a larger research. The actual context of the debate is given by the knowledge society in the post-industrial era. The results indicate theoretical clarifying, bringing a renovating interpretative view of value, particularly concerning the Physiocrat roots of value and productivity, as well as new questions to be answered, in a heterodox approach, containing the reserve of new horizons to be developed and applied in concrete circumstances.

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Volume II / Issue no. 2

The Exploitation of the Open Economic System’s Synergistic Relational Potential

This paper proposes and depicts certain aspects that we consider to be essential in the matter of the economic systems’ relational potential utilization for their functional synergism’s turning up and synergic acting in the benefit of the concerned systems (with emphasis on the open ones) and in the purpose of avoiding undesirable results. It aims at highlighting, defining and outlining the main conceptual issues, including the formalizing and also showing of certain real examples.

After a short introduction and a very synthetic review of the evolution of economic entities (from the angle of the managerial approach) to the open system form, a conceptual presentation of those systems’ potential to generate synergism by multiple connections and relations is made. The paper’s conception is based on the hypothesis that the concern and action for quantifying and exploiting the synergic relational potential of the active economic entities (including the case of complex entities, of regional or national level) would represent support and impulse for their success in competition; this specific advantage of those economic entities is perceived as being obtained out from of the conventional means.

Further on, the factorial substantiation of the growth of an open economic system’s synergic potential is made and the benefits of its turning to good account are described, but also certain problems (and examples) concerning its accounting and finding in statistic records.

The essential aspects (argumentative and to be followed to achieve synergy effects) are synthesized into a suggestive formula concerning especially the number and intensity of the established and functional links, as a result of trying to measure the exploitation degree of the synergistic relational potential that belongs to the active economic networks or systems.

Objective arguments of empirical nature result, regarding the necessity of quantification and exploitation of relational synergistic potential of economic entities (including the complex entities at regional and national level).

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Artificial Economy

This paper proposes to eliminate a routine in the economic thinking, claimed to be responsible for the negative essence of economic developments, from the point of view, of the ecological implications (employment in the planetary ecosystem).

The methodological foundations start from the natural origins of the functionality of the human economic society according to the originary physiocrat liberalism, and from specific natural characteristics of the human kind.

This paper begins with a comment-analysis of the difference between natural and artificial within the economy, and then explains some of the most serious diversions from the natural essence of economic liberalism. It shall be explained the original (heterodox) interpretation of the Classical political economy (economics), by making calls to the Romanian economic thinking from aggravating past century. Highlighting the destructive impact of the economy – which, under the invoked doctrines, we call unnatural – allows an intuitive presentation of a logical extension of Marshall’s market price, based on previous research.

Besides the doctrinal arguments presented, the economic realities inventoried along the way (major deficiencies and effects, determined) demonstrate the validity of the hypothesis of the unnatural character and therefore necessarily to be corrected, of the concept and of the mechanisms of the current economy. The results of this paper consist of original heterodox methods presented, intuitive or developed that can be found conclusively within the key proposals for education and regulation.

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